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(This amazing GIF banner was made by the SpongeBob to my Patrick, neverlandspirate)

Why, hello there, friends! I just recently somehow made it to one-freaking-thousand followers, and I am utterly flabbergasted by that. I can’t believe that so many of you find my blog/posts/ramblings worthy of your dashboard, but for some reason you do, and I will never get over that. Thank you to all of my followers for following me of course, but also for being so kind and open and much nicer to me than I deserve. It really means a lot. I’ve met some really lovely people in this fandom, and below are all of the blogs that I follow.

(The emboldened blogs are people that have helped make this whole blogging experience just so much fun. I would be constantly bored without them, and each and every one of them holds a special place in my heart. They are my friends, but they’re also wonderful people that I’ve honestly enjoyed getting to know. The blogs in italics are those that I visit often, whether for fics/edits/gifsets or whatnot, they are also shining beacons of talent, worthy of our recognition.)


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(Now, I don’t imagine that I’ve forgotten anyone, but if you follow me and don’t see yourself listed here, just shoot me a message!)

Awww my dear old brother! Thank you for this, and congratulations on your milestone! Allow me to celebrate and get sentimental together… I love you so much!!! I couldn’t be happier you joined this fandom as it gave me the chance to meet you and become friends. I always have lots of fun with you, you’re bloody brilliant!

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Can we talk about how Emma’s body language in this scene is SCREAMING:

"lol honey you’re so cute apologizing and stuff but I really wish you would stop talking, push me up against this wall and make out with me."

Because if you can’t see how bad she wants him right here… you’re wrong.

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4 seasons, I waited for this for 4 seasons.

I’ve been a Emma stan since season 1, and I’ve been waiting for this forever. Emma’s happiness,

This smile, love for her, true love, a man who would do everything for her and make her taste simple pleasure in life: love, a nice dinner, a nice date, a moment out of any trouble and problem, bringing her back being reckless and so young in her way of loving.

Love is meant to make you smile, to make you happy, to give you butterflies. I’ve been waiting for this for 4 seasons and here it is, after a long journey, Emma is in love, she’s loved, cherished, she’s someone first priority, someone’s everything. She has someone who will go to the end of the world, and time for her, someone who will never leave her side. She finally has everything she has ever wanted and deserved. She is finally happy and I have never seen such a beautiful smile on Emma’s face.It’s been a long journey but it was worth it.
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#hello bedroom eyes #pleased to make your acquaintance #i hope we see each other more in the future

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Killian being a gentleman on their date

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How cute was Emma trying to calm down her little dashing rapscallion tho?  ♥‿♥

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"You’re just going to keep me in here because I broke into a bloody library?”

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I just wanted to throw this out there after what happened in the episode last night. Jen said this while they were just wrapping filming on episode 7. Not only do I absolutely believe Hook’s hand was cursed and Rumple used Hook’s insecurities against him to make him believe it wasn’t, I also think he’s going to come clean with Emma within 2-3 episodes. It doesn’t change the fact that Hook DID mess up last night, but as you can see from Jen’s tweet… when someone asked what Hook’s BEST quality is, this is what came to mind for her. 

Have some faith in our boy — he let Rumple get the best of him and he had a bit of a backslide as a result but, he WILL beat this. He beat Pan’s manipulations and he will beat Rumple’s. Like Jen said, he has a FIERCE determination to be a better man and what he’s doing with Rumple obviously does not sit well with him. Pan underestimated Hook & Emma’s feelings for each other and so did Rumple. He tried to turn Hook’s love for Emma into a weapon and it is going to backfire in his face. 

When Emma was battling her demons, Hook never left her side. He never let her forget that he believes in her and that she’s loved. And now she’s letting go of her past and becoming a beautiful, more enlightened version of herself and he had a hand in that. (No pun intended, haha) Emma knows this. We’ve already seen her trying to reassure him and comfort him this season…she will stand by him. She will remind him that he’s a hero and that she believes in him. I know it hurts but this is going to be SO GOOD in the long run. THIS is how Emma will inspire Killian this season. He’s going to see her let go of her baggage and embrace her magic and stand beside him and I just know it’s going to help him do the same.

"At the end of the day, Hook is a hero… he’s just not comfortable with admitting that to himself"

Emma won’t give up on the person she loves. And she won’t let Killian give up on himself. Killian was going to have to face his past eventually. He was going to come to this crossroad sooner or later. You don’t just decide to change after 300 years of being someone else and never mess up. There is beauty in the struggle and that’s what we’re seeing. Rumple was right, he DID do him a favor but, it wasn’t the one Rumple had in mind. This situation will ultimately help Kililan believe in himself and Emma will see him through it.

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captain swan + hands (4x04)

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#ugly sobbing

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